Apartamenti "VIlla Flora" - Kranjska Gora  Gozd Martuljek


The special feature of the Upper Sava Valley is that it is complemented by smaller valleys, which are the starting points of many peaks.

Valleys available in our area are: Vrata Valley, Kot Valley, Krma Valley, Krnica Valley, Pišnica Valley, Tamar Valley and the Radovna Valley.


Mountain pass Vršič is the highest road pass in the Eastern Julian Alps with 1611 m. High-mountain road with exceptional views brings you to the very top of Vršič, where you can stop at Erjavčeva koca (Mountain hut).

Vršič is also the starting point for Mala Mojstrovka, Jalovec Mountain and Slemenova Špica.


On the way to Vršič, stop for a short break at Lake Jasna. With a wonderful view of the Julian Alps in the background, enjoy a refreshing drink in the summer days or hot tea in the winter.


Zelenci are a spring of river Sava Dolinka. It got its name because of a distinctly green color. Fun fact: Zelenci never freze, even in the coldest winters, as their constant temperature is between 5 and 6 degrees Celsius.


You can walk from our Apartment house, all the way to Martuljek waterfalls. The lower Martuljek Waterfall falls over a 50 m high wall in a 400 m long and narrow Martuljek Gorge.

Even more spectacular is the Upper Martuljek Waterfall, which descends in three levels over 110 m of the vertical wall. We recommend a visit to both waterfalls in the late spring, when they are the most abundant due to the melting snow.


The Peričnik Waterfall is one of the highest Slovenian waterfalls with its 52 m. The specialty of the waterfall is that you can stroll behind it.

Although it is nice to admire it in the summer, it is even more beautiful in winter, when it is all frozen.


The most beautiful and most famous lake in Slovenia is only 30 minutes away by car from our Apartment House. A lake with an island in the middle is a great one-day excursion that we recommend to everyone.

We also recommend Bled castle. If you are already there, try their tradditional dessert-Kremšnita! It's delicious.


Bohinj is a green oasis in the heart of the Triglav National Park. Ideal starting point for hiking, cycling, fishing, skiing, cross-country skiing ... Bohinj Lake is the largest natural lake in Slovenia.


The 1.6-km Vintgar gorge is carved with magnificent vertical walls, and it is adorned with the Radovna River with waterfalls, pools and rapids. Through out the gorge, a wooden footpath leads through the wooden bridges and Žumber galleries, which ends with a magnificent 13 m high waterfall.


20 minutes by car, across the Italian border, there are two beautiful lakes hidden overlooking Mount Mangart. You can reach Lago di Fusini by car or by bicycle.


The Soča valley is best known for its Soča river, one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. ,which color is extremely emerald. The Soča Valley offers a variety of activities, such as water sports, hiking, cycling ... It is accessible via the Vršič pass or the Predelj crossing.